Five Fitness

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Fitness Freedom

The power to determine action without restraint.

We are here for you, helping you to achieve your fitness desires. What are your fitness desires?

We provide one-on-one and group sessions. We want you to have fun whilst reaching your goals. Train one-on-one with your fun, hilarious trainer or work in a group of friends where conversation is allowed and laughing is encouraged.

Enjoy the ride. Feel the freedom.

Five fitness is your only training solution in the NSW central west.

Do you want results? You get results.

Join our Challenge the best way to get all of the results you desire.

In Dubbo? Join our Ashy Bines Bikini Body Challenge another guarantee of results.

One-on-one more your style? We have heaps of appointments available.

Do you prefer a big group and economical training? We have a full group fitness timetable available.

A smaller group with a personal training feel? Try Group PT.

We have a solution for you!!

Join Us.

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